Oracle Finally Ships Java 7

by Cynthia Harvey

The Java 7 release features a more modular design and 13 major changes.

Five years after the release of Java 6, Oracle held a global webcast on Thursday to announce the release of Java 7. Java chief architect Mark Reinhold described the update as more "evolution than revolution." However, the release does include 13 major changes, such new I/O APIs and support for dynamically typed languages on the JVM.

Java 7 is also much more modular in nature. According to Oracle, the JDK 7 release is, "A large-scale effort to refactor, or break up, the Java SE platform into smaller, separate, interdependent modules. Individual modules can then be downloaded as required by the Java virtual machine and/or Java applications. This effectively shrinks the size of the runtime on the user's machine."

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This article was originally published on Friday Jul 8th 2011
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