Open Source MathJax Makes Math Pretty on the Web

by Keith Vance

Rendering math codes in a Web browser has been a challenge. Now Project Euclid has released MathJax, a JavaScript engine that aims to solve that problem once and for all.

Cornell University's Project Euclid announced MathJax today. MathJax is an open source JavaScript engine that renders readable standard mathematics codes in regular Web browsers.

"MathJax makes it easy to display 'beautiful math,' online," said David Ruddy, Project Euclid lead at Cornell. "It has been difficult to present math attractively and reliably on the Web. There are a number of different methods in use, and browsers all behave differently with each. Now, with MathJax, the display problem has been vastly simplified and Project Euclid users will be able to see math the way authors intended."

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Jan 4th 2011
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