Objective-C Climbs the Most Popular Programming Language Chart

by Cynthia Harvey

Growing interest in developing for Apple's platforms is reflected on Tiobe's Index.

Since last year, Objective-C has climbed from number nine on the Tiobe Index of most popular programming languages all the way up to number six. The language, which is used to write apps for Mac computers or iOS devices, has grown its market share 2.34 percent during that time. Tiobe also offers a chart which shows a more dramatic picture of the language's growth.

The top four positions on the chart have remained unchanged in the past year, with Java, C, C++ and PHP retaining the top spots (in that order). The former number six on the list, C#, has climbed up to number 5. And the former number five, Visual Basic, fell to seventh behind Objective-C.

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This article was originally published on Thursday Sep 8th 2011
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