NoSQL Companies CouchOne and Membase Merge

by Keith Vance

CouchOne is the first-ever comprehensive NoSQL solution provider by merging CouchDB with Memcached.

Today, CouchOne and Membase announced that they have joined forces to create Couchbase, the first and only provider of a comprehensive NoSQL database solutions.

"The merger yields an unmatched lineup of data management capabilities built with Apache CouchDB document database technology, memcached distributed caching technology and the Membase data flow and cluster management system," the announcement said.

Membase CEO Bob Wiederhold said, "The merger of CouchOne and Membase creates a new powerhouse in NoSQL database technology. The union of our technologies is extremely exciting because it amplifies our respective strengths and fills our gaps."

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Feb 9th 2011
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