Node.js Comes to Windows

by Cynthia Harvey

Microsoft Web servers can now run JavaScript.

Microsoft and Joyent have announced that they now have a "first stable build" for a version of Node.js on Windows. Although it isn't production-ready yet, the new tool will allow developers to run JavaScript directly on Windows Web servers. That's important because JavaScript offers huge performance and scalability benefits for Web applications.

Matthew Baxter-Reynolds writes that, despite a few shortcomings, the new tool is "a relatively commercially-appropriate technology to use on production, core-business applications, plus it's a modern approach which helps you and your team to learn and explore new ways of working. The ability to squeeze more performance out of existing servers is also a big win." He concludes, "In all this new development of Node.js on Windows is strongly recommended."

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This article was originally published on Thursday Nov 10th 2011
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