New Refactor Software Architecture Tool for Java and .NET Developers

by Mike Houghton

Headway Software announces the release of Restructure101, a new development tool to make refactoring easier and more effective.

The newly released refactoring tool, Restructure101, will provide both .NET and Java developers with a number of discovery and manipulation capabilities. Features include the ability to find package tangles and break them by dragging and dropping packages, classes, and methods/fields.

Restructure101 will also support other direct manipulations such as creating sub-packages and inner classes (also known as wrapping) and the ability to remove the package structure (also known as flattening the file), and automatic repackaging.

Headway has also announced that they will be providing developers with a Web-based repository for tracking the progress of their projects.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday May 31st 2011
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