New Facebook Ads Combine In-App Purchases and App Installs

by Developer.com Staff

Now users can install an app and make a purchase with one tap.

Facebook is launching a new type of ad that could be very lucrative for mobile development firms and direct marketers. Mobile Facebook ads can now install an app and link directly to an in-app purchase page as soon as a user taps on the ad. Essentially, they are "in-app purchase install ads."

To see how this works in real life, imagine an app that allows people to purchase discount hotel rooms. Previously, if users tapped on Facebook ads for rooms in a particular city, they would first be prompted to download the app before heading to the booking page. Now, the app downloads the app instantaneously and takes the user directly to the booking page, making it more likely that the user will complete the purchase.

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This article was originally published on Friday May 8th 2015
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