NetBeans 7.2 Adds Static Analysis, Improves Performance

by Developer.com Staff

The Java IDE supports the latest versions of C++, PHP, Maven and Groovy.

Last week, Oracle released NetBeans 7.2. The latest version of the open source Java IDE adds FindBugs, a static analysis tool that runs continuously, helping developers find coding errors as they program. The update also offers numerous performance improvements, resulting in performance gains up to 60 percent. In addition, start-up time has been reduced by about 10 percent. NetBeans 7.2 supports C++11, CSS 3, PHP 5.4, Maven 3.0.4, Java FX and Groovy 1.8.6.

The update is available for free from the NetBeans website.

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This article was originally published on Monday Jul 30th 2012
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