More Freelance Projects Available for Android Developers

by Cynthia Harvey

Freelance.com says Android and iPhone postings are up, but Blackberry projects are decreasing.

The outsourcing job board Freelance.com says that postings for Android development jobs have increased 20 percent in the second quarter. Although iPhone still has the most open jobs of any mobile platform (2985 projects) and increased 9 percent for the quarter, Freelance.com says that at current growth rates, Android-related freelance jobs will surpass iPhone jobs by the end of 2012. Blackberry-related jobs decreased by 6 percent. Windows Mobile jobs decreased 16 percent, and Windows Phone did not have enough projects to make the report.

The company also noted that HTML5 jobs increased 34 percent, while jobs requiring Adobe Flash skills dropped 10 percent.

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This article was originally published on Thursday Jul 14th 2011
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