More Developers Interested in Oculus Rift After Facebook Purchase, Says CEO

by Developer.com Staff

The company says sales of its second development kit are way up.

While some developers reacted with dismay to the news that Facebook had purchased virtual reality company Oculus, the company CEO Brendan Iribe says the acquisition has actually increased developer interest in the company's platform. "We announced our deal a few days after [the Oculus Developer Kit 2 went on pre-sale] and continued to a see adoption go through the roof. We sold as many units in the first 12 months of DK1 as we did in the first month on DK2," he said.

He added, "The biggest thing I think for us was that some of the really large developers out there who typically look at a platform and are late adopters to a new platform — because they need to see the monetization, they need to see the return, they want to see a huge audience — they turned around to us after the announcement and said 'we’re so happy to see a new platform. It’s about time. We’re all in. We’re ready to start developing content for this.' And so now for the general developer, there’a greater chance that you’re going to be able to develop something and then create a business off of our platform, knowing that with this partnership, it’s going to be bigger, better, faster."

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This article was originally published on Wednesday May 7th 2014
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