More Android Users are Downloading Paid Apps

by Cynthia Harvey

Android apps that cost 99 cents are the most popular among users.

Apps that cost 99 cents are the most popular.

According to new research from Chomp, paid app downloads by Android climbed from 3 percent of all downloads in April to 5 percent in May. The most popular price point for paid apps was 99 cents (1.7 percent), followed by apps costing $2 or less (1.5 percent).

The paid Android app with the most Chomp referrals in May was Beautiful Widgets, which costs about $2.87. However, the most popular category overall continues to be games, with 27 percent of all downloads.

Paid downloads on Apple devices decreased by 1 percent in May.

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This article was originally published on Thursday Jun 30th 2011
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