Modern.IE Adds Support for Vagrant, Parallels

by Developer.com Staff

Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web development toolset is getting new support for virtualization tools.

In a bid to boost usage for its Internet Explorer development and testing tool, Microsoft has added support for Vagrant and Parallels to Modern.IE. "Some developers let us know that they are using Vagrant to automate the setup and configuration of their development environments to ensure consistency and repeatability standing up their project machines," explained Jason McConnell, senior product marketing manager of Microsoft Internet Explorer. In response, Microsoft has "made available the VirtualBox versions of modern.IE's test VM's for Vagrant users in beta form so that they can automatically download and lay out those images for development and testing purposes," he added.

Similarly, McConnell announced, "In the new version of Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac, we partnered with Parallels to make the modern.IE VMs accessible from within their new VM wizard directly, so you won't have to separately download the VM archive pieces to put them together yourself."

In related news, Microsoft also announced that Modern.IE users can get a discount on Kraken.io.

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This article was originally published on Friday Sep 19th 2014
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