Microsoft Releases TypeScript 3.0

by Developer.com Staff

The biggest change in the update is the new project reference capability.

Microsoft has updated its JavaScript variant TypeScript. Version 3.0 of the programming language features project references, which allow developers to share dependencies among multiple TypeScript projects. “Specifying these dependencies makes it easier to split your code into smaller projects, since it gives TypeScript (and tools around it) a way to understand build ordering and output structure,” blogged Daniel Rosenwasser, TypeScript program manager. “That means things like faster builds that work incrementally, and support for transparently navigating, editing, and refactoring across projects. Since 3.0 lays the foundation and exposes the APIs, any build tool should be able to provide this.”

Other new features include richer tuple types and user experience improvements.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Jul 31st 2018
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