Microsoft Launches New AI Training Initiatives

by Developer.com Staff

The company wants to persuade professors to keep teaching instead of leaving for more lucrative positions.

Microsoft has announced two new artificial intelligence (AI) training programs: Microsoft AI Academy and the Microsoft Research-Cambridge University Machine Learning Initiative.

The AI Academy looks like a lot of other AI training programs. It will offer both in-person and online training opportunities for developers and business leaders. Microsoft is also using the program to train some of its own staff.

The Microsoft Research-Cambridge University Machine Learning Initiative is quite a bit different. Its focus is on keeping machine learning professors in academia by funding scholarship, graduate studies, internships and consultancy positions at the university. "One of the things we've seen over the past few years is because there are so many opportunities for people with skills in machine learning, particularly in industry, we've seen a lot of outflux of top academic talent to industry," said Dr. Chris Bishop, director of Microsoft's Research Lab in Cambridge. "This is something that concerns us, because it's those top academic professors and researchers who are responsible not just for doing research, but also for nurturing the next generation of talent in this field."

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Oct 31st 2018
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