Microsoft Enables Flash by Default on IE10

by Cynthia Harvey

The company has reversed course on its decision to ban Flash.

Just when it seemed like Flash was definitely headed for extinction, a new decision by Microsoft may extend its lifespan a little longer.

Back in September 2011, Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 would not support Adobe's Flash technology. But in May 2012, it softened its stance, allowing Flash from whitelisted sites. Now, the company has reversed course completely and says it will enable Flash by default for IE 10 on Windows 8. However, the company will still block Flash apps from a few blacklisted sites.

For developers, this means there's less rush to update older sites that rely on Flash, because they'll still continue to work on IE 10 and Windows 8. For new apps, however, Flash may still be a questionable choice. CNET's Stephen Shankland writes, "Flash will never be eradicated from the Web, but with each passing year there's less and less need for it."

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Mar 12th 2013
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