Merging Open Source Projects Selenium and WebDriver Almost Done

by Keith Vance

A year and a half later, Selenium 2.0 is getting ready to ship. It's the result of the merging WebDriver and the Selenium Web testing suites.

It's been a year and a half since Selenium and WebDriver decided to become one project, and a final release candidate is nearing.

The result of the merger is Selenium 2.0.

Alex Handy of SD Times has the story.

"Simon Stewart, creator of WebDriver, explained the merger in an e-mail to both communities in August of 2009. 'Why are the projects merging?' he asked. 'Partly because WebDriver addresses some shortcomings in Selenium (by being able to bypass the JS sandbox, for example. And we've got a gorgeous API), partly because selenium addresses some shortcomings in WebDriver (such as supporting a broader range of browsers), and partly because the main Selenium contributors and I felt that it was the best way to offer users the best possible framework.'"

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This article was originally published on Thursday Jan 27th 2011
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