Max Ogden Discusses CouchDB, Open Data and Couchappspora

by Keith Vance

Max Ogden says he wants users to have an option to be totally private and 'off the grid.'

ReadWriteHack spoke with Code for America fellow Max Ogden about his work on Couchappspora.

Couchappspora is a social network built on CouchDB. It's a mesh network that gives the user greater control of their personal information.

"I want users to have the option to be totally private and 'off the grid,'" Ogden said. "Right now it is a binary system. You're on Facebook or not. But I want to introduce the option to host your data anywhere if you are motivated to do so."

He said he'd like to see "Linux nerds running social networks from their cellphones and when they turn their phones off they become invisible online."

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Mar 1st 2011
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