Linux Kernel Development Community Remains Healthy, Vibrant and Diverse

by Keith Vance

While there's been a dip in patches per hour, the Linux kernel remains the most successful open source project yet.

The Linux Foundation has published its third annual report on Linux kernel development, and Ars Technica's Ryan Paul has the story.

"The latest version of the Linux kernel currently consists of approximately 13 million lines of code across over 33,000 files," Paul reports. "The rate of development peaked with version 2.6.30 last year, which saw an average of 6.40 patches per hour. The rate declined to an average of 5.30 patches per hour in version 2.6.35."

Despite a dip in patches per hour, Paul said, "An informed analysis of the statistics indicates that the Linux kernel development community is still healthy, vibrant, and diverse."

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Dec 1st 2010
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