Libscore Tracks Which JavaScript Libraries Are the Most Popular

by Developer.com Staff

JQuery leads the pack by a wide margin.

Developers Julian Shapiro and Thomas Davis have started a new online service called Libscore that tracks the popularity of JavaScript libraries and scripts. "Every month, it crawls the top million sites on the Web according to alexa.com traffic rankings," explained Shapiro. "Once this whole scan runs -- and it takes approximately 38 hours -- we aggregate that data and publicize it for anyone to use freely on Libscore.com."

Currently, the top five libraries are as follows:

  1. jQuery 634,872
  2. $.ui 176,543
  3. FB 170,931
  4. Modernizr 109,076
  5. $.cookie 106,824

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This article was originally published on Thursday Dec 18th 2014
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