Kubernetes Adds Containerd Support

by Developer.com Staff

The container orchestration project now works with a runtime other than Docker.

Kubernetes' support for the Containerd container runtime is now generally available and ready for production use. Containerd is an open source, lightweight alternative to Docker that Docker actually helped to develop. It can be embedded in larger systems and also supports the Go programming language.

"We're very glad to see Containerd rapidly grow to this big milestone," said an Alibaba Cloud staff engineer. "Alibaba Cloud started to use Containerd actively since its first day, and thanks to the simplicity and robustness emphasis, make it a perfect container engine running in our Serverless Kubernetes product, which has high qualification on performance and stability. No doubt, Containerd will be a core engine of container era, and continue driving innovation forward."

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This article was originally published on Wednesday May 30th 2018
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