Kong Announces General Availability of Kong 1.0

by Developer.com Staff

Version 1.0 adds several key features along with fixes aimed at improving speed, flexibility and resilience.

The Kong next-generation API platform last week announced the general availability of Kong 1.0, a scalable, fast, open source Microservice API Gateway that's designed to manage, secure and connect hybrid and cloud-native architectures.

Kong CTO and co-founder Marco Palladino said in a blog post that the release of 1.0 includes a promise of backward compatibility moving forward. "With years of development and thousands of production users, we added significant features and tons of fixes that make Kong faster, more flexible and resilient."

Those enhancements include the ability to deploy Kong not only as an API gateway, but also as a standalone service-mesh proxy. The Kong cluster also creates a Certificate Authority, which Kong nodes can use to establish mutual authentication with each other, along with support for primitive, passive, proxy-pass of gPRC traffic in addition to REST.

A new Database Abstraction Object (DAO) eases migrations from one database schema to another with near-zero downtime, and a new Plugin Development Kit (PDK) is a set of Lua functions and variables that can be used by custom plugins to implement their own logic on Kong.

This article was originally published on Monday Dec 31st 2018
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