Kinect for Windows Gets Windows 8 Support

Tuesday Oct 9th 2012 by Developer.com Staff

The new SDK also adds other features for developers.

As promised, Microsoft has updated its Kinect for Windows SDK with support for Windows 8. In addition, ZDNet's Mary Jo Foledy reported that the release offered several new features, including the following:

  • "Exposure of the infrared stream in the application programming interface (API) as a new color image format
  • Extended depth data (beyond four meters), but with reduced quality as distance increases
  • Ability to optimize color camera settings
  • Support for a new raw Bayer color image format
  • Exposure of the sensor's accelerometer in the API
  • Support for German in the speech-recognition pack
  • Support for several new APIs for converting data between color, depth and skeleton coordinate spaces
  • Support for Windows running in a virtual machine (VM), including those from Microsoft's Hyper-V team, VMWare, and Parallels"

Microsoft also announced that Kinect for Windows hardware would go on sale in China on the same day.

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