Katana Analytics Engine Determines the 'Social Value' of App Users

by Developer.com Staff

The tool could help mobile development firms keep the customers that are the most valuable.

Casinos have long known the value of taking care of their big spenders. Now Ninja Metrics has launched a tool that helps the mobile development industry do the same for its most valuable users. The Katana Analytics Engine determines the "social value" of each user based on how much he or she influences other users. That then allows the developer to target special offers or tweak the app experience for those valuable users.

"Anyone in the industry now has access to an automated predictive analytics engine that used to take an expensive on-site team of data scientists," said Ninja Metrics CEO Dr. Dmitri Williams "The results are clear, actionable, and update daily. No white lab coats required."

Katana also provides data on user segmentation, churn rates, revenue analysis, conversions and other metrics. The company says Katana's predictions average 80-90 percent accuracy.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Jan 14th 2014
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