JavaScript Is the Most Popular Language on GitHub

by Developer.com Staff

Java, which is the second most popular, has made big gains in the last few years.

Code hosting site GitHub has released a list detailing which programming languages are most likely to be used with its service. JavaScript takes the top spot on the list, followed by Java, which started off way down at seventh back in 2008. "Possible contributing factors to this growth could be the growing popularity of Android and the increasing demand for version control platforms at businesses and enterprises," blogged GitHub staffer Alyson La.

The rest of the top ten included Ruby, PHP, Python, CSS, C++, C#, C and HTML. Objective-C, Shell, Perl, VimL and Emacs Lisp had made the top ten list in previous years, but have since dropped off.

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This article was originally published on Friday Aug 21st 2015
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