Java Users Ask for REST, HTTP/2 Support

by Developer.com Staff

The next version of Java EE will focus on cloud computing and microservices.

Oracle has released the results of a survey that asked Java users for their opinions on the importance of future enhancements to the platform. "REST (JAX-RS 2.1) and HTTP/2 (Servlet 4.0) have been voted as the two most important technologies surveyed, and together with JSON-B represent three of the top six technologies," the report said. "Much of the new API work in these technologies for Java EE 8 is already complete. There is significant value in delivering Java EE 8 with these technologies, and the related JSON-P (JSON with Padding) updates, as soon as possible."

The report also noted that OAuth and OpenID Connect ranked high in the survey. Oracle is considering accelerating the development of these features, but they are not expected to be included in Java EE 8. In addition, the survey found that Java users are very interested in using the language for cloud computing and microservices, which will be a focus for the update.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Dec 27th 2016
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