Java Surges in Tiobe Popularity Index

by Developer.com Staff

The programming language is at its highest rating since July 2009.

Tiobe has updated its programming language popularity index for October, and the big news was climbing popularity for Java, which remains at the top of the chart. Java's rating increased to 20.403 percent; it was the first time it reached above the 20 percent mark since July 2009. "The Java language is changing nowadays, after having been at the same level for many years," Tiobe Managing Director Paul Jansen said. "It's closing the gap with functional programming languages -- e.g. with Java Streams -- thus making life much easier."

The rest of the top ten on the index included C (17.145 percent), C++ (6.198 percent rating) C# (4.318 percent), Python (3.771 percent), PHP (3.248 percent), JavaScript (2.473 percent), Visual Basic .NET (2.223 percent), Ruby (2.038 percent) and Perl (2.032 percent).

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Nov 10th 2015
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