Java Returns to Top of the Tiobe Charts

by Developer.com Staff

Android's success has been good for the programming language.

Until ten months ago, Java enjoyed a long uninterrupted reign as the most popular programming language according to the Tiobe Programming Community Index. C held the top spot on the chart for much of 2012, but now Java has regained enough market share to take back the title. According to Tiobe, "Boosted by the success of Android phones, Java has gained most market share of all languages last half a year."

The index currently gives Java a 18.387 percent popularity rating, while second place C has a 17.080 percent rating. The rest of the top ten includes Objective-C (9.803 percent), C++ (8.758 percent), C# (6.680 percent), PHP (5.074 percent), Python (4.949 percent), Visual Basic (4.648 percent), Perl (2.252 percent), and Ruby (1.752 percent).

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This article was originally published on Monday Feb 11th 2013
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