Java Developers' Favorite Tools

by Developer.com Staff

JUnit, Jenkins and Git top the list.

Development tool vendor RebelLabs has released the results of a survey that polled more than 2,000 Java developers on their favorite tools. "It probably comes as no surprise that among the 2,164 developers we surveyed, Java SE 7 is used by two-thirds of developers, but even more are using JUnit at 82.5 percent, making it the most-used single technology across the entire Java landscape," said the report. Other popular tools included Jenkins (70 percent), Git (69 percent), Hibernate (67.5 percent), Maven (64 percent) Nexus (64 percent) and Eclipse (50 percent) of respondents.

The survey also asked developers about their favorite alternative JVM languages. The most popular were Scala (47 percent), Groovy (31 percent) and Clojure (12 percent).

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This article was originally published on Thursday May 22nd 2014
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