Java, C Still Most Popular Programming Languages

by Developer.com Staff

Haskell, Objective-C and Swift are all increasing in popularity.

Tiobe has once again updated its programming language popularity index, and Java remained in the top spot, as it has since April 2015. C also held onto its second-place spot. Paul Jansen, managing director at Tiobe noted, "The IT world is changing everyday with new hypes, however, programming languages don't change that often. The reason for that is that if you have programmed 1 million lines of code in Java, you are not going to change that easily and jump on every new programming language train that comes along."

Elsewhere on the index, Haskell broke into the top 20, and both Objective-C and Swift moved up.

The top 10 languages were Java (18.755), C (9.203), C++ (5.415), C# (3.659), Python (3.567), Visual Basic .Net (3.167), PHP (3.125), JavaScript (2.705), Assembly language (2.441) and Perl (2.361).

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Nov 8th 2016
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