It Looks Like Hudson Will be Renamed to Jenkins

by Keith Vance

Oracle has ticked off another open source project. This time it's Hudson.

The primary developers for Hudson--an open source continuous integration technology for Java developers--are pulling away from Oracle's ownership and renaming the project to Jenkins.

The Hudson contributors are mad at Oracle for requiring java.net and Kenai project hosting and so they're going to fork it.

The problem is that Oracle claims to own the trademark for the name "Hudson." According to the H Open, the project leaders are asking the community for its blessing before changing the project name to "Jenkins" and relocating the code to GitHub.

But they don't consider the move a fork because the technology founder, Kohsuke Kawaguchi and other key players, are coming along for the ride. For the project leaders, Jenkins will simple become the new home for the technology.

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Jan 12th 2011
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