Is Node.js Replacing Rails?

by Developer.com Staff

The Rails founder doesn't appear to be worried about the trend.

Recently, a number of Web companies, including high-profile firms like Groupon and LinkedIn, have been switching from Rails to Node.js. Web developer Sagi Isha sums up the argument in favor of Node.js, saying, "I believe Node is capable of delivering the same, if not better, results than Rails for any Web development task, although it's slightly less mature at the time and the conventions are less stable at this time."

However, Rails founder David Heinemeier Hansson downplays the competition between the two, noting, "Everything can be used instead of everything else. They're all Turing-complete languages." He adds, "I find debates like this to be a bore at this point."

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This article was originally published on Monday Dec 9th 2013
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