IoT Standards Groups Merge

by Developer.com Staff

The AllSeen Alliance will become part of the Open Connectivity Foundation.

The leaders of two groups promoting Internet of Things (IoT) standards have announced that they will combine their efforts. The AllSeen Alliance will be absorbed into the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF), and the two will work together on merging the AllSeen's AllJoyn project into the OCF's open source IoTivity standard.

"By coming together as one group, we are able to make IoT a more seamless, secure experience for everyone involved, from developers to end users," Danny Lousberg, chairperson of the AllSeen Alliance, said. "The AllSeen Alliance and Open Connectivity Foundation have been working together closely to deliver a technologically comprehensive solution that makes sense for the industry and our members."

Recently, several former Qualcomm engineers who had been working on the AllJoyn standard have moved to Intel, which is a supporter of the OCF.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Oct 11th 2016
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