Io.js to Reunite with Node.js

by Developer.com Staff

The two open source projects will converge under the governance of the Node Foundation.

The developers behind io.js have announced that they will be rejoining Node.js. Io.js began when several people involved with Node.js became dissatisfied with Joyent's management of the framework and decided to fork the project. Specifically, they demanded open governance and faster releases. The split was very contentious, and some worried about the future of both projects.

In response to the controversy, Joyent announced that it was creating a new Node Foundation to oversee the project. After several weeks of discussions between the major players, io.js has voted to join the Node Foundation. The two projects will unite under the name Node.js, and key developers from both groups will provide oversight for the joint project.

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This article was originally published on Monday May 18th 2015
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