Infighting Leads to New Node.js Fork

by Developer.com Staff

The popular open source project's leadership is finding it difficult to get along with each other.

Internal squabbles on the Node.js project have led to some leadership changes and a new fork of the popular server-side JavaScript runtime. Last week, the Node.js technical steering committee (TSC) voted on whether to expel one of its members, Rod Vagg, who had made comments related to free speech that some members found offensive. The TSC voted to keep Vagg on the committee, but afterward, four members of the TSC resigned.

Around the same time, a new Node.js fork called Ayo.js popped up on GitHub. One of the project's values statements says it "will explore new structures and framings for corporate relationships in such a way that its individual humans, not the corporations that employ them, are ultimately still the ones determining the direction of the project."

Node.js is one of the more popular open source technologies in use today. It previously experienced controversy when a group of its developers forked the project over disagreements about corporate sponsor Joyent.

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This article was originally published on Monday Aug 28th 2017
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