IBM Project Intu Enables Embodied Cognition for AI

by Developer.com Staff

Watson artificial intelligence is coming to a robot near you.

At its Watson Developer Conference in San Francisco, IBM unveiled Project Intu, a new effort to bring artificial intelligence into the physical world by embedding AI in robots and other devices. "IBM is taking cognitive technology beyond a physical technology interface like a smartphone or a robot toward an even more natural form of human and machine interaction," Rob High, IBM Fellow, vice president and CTO of IBM Watson, said. "Project Intu allows users to build embodied systems that reason, learn and interact with humans to create a presence with the people that use them—these cognitive-enabled avatars and devices could transform industries like retail, elder care, and industrial and social robotics."

Project Intu supports multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux and macOS. More information and downloads are available at the Watson Developer Cloud, Intu Gateway and GitHub.

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This article was originally published on Thursday Nov 10th 2016
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