HTML Spec to Lose Version Number

by Keith Vance

Rather than referring to the HTML specification as "HTML5" or "HTML4," the WHATWG is dropping the version number. The HTML specification will now be a "living standard."

This week, the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group announced that the HTML specification will be called simply "HTML" rather than "HTML5" or "HTML4."

This means that specific snapshots of the HTML specification will no longer coincide with a new name, "the specification is now a living document," WHATWG's Ian Hickson said.

In practical terms, this changes nothing.

"The WHATWG has basically been operating like this for years, and indeed we were going to change the name last year but ended up deciding to wait a bit since people still used the term 'HTML5' a lot." Hickson concluded, "However, the term is now basically being used to mean anything Web-standards-related, so it's time to move on!"

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This article was originally published on Friday Jan 21st 2011
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