How to Get Hired by a Startup

by Developer.com Staff

A great resume alone usually isn't enough to land a job at a hot new company.

Working for a startup has plenty of risks, but it can also have great rewards. Programmers who want to get a job for a hot startup have a new resource in the form of an infographic from Monetate.

Monetate points developers to a variety of websites that can help them find hot new companies that might be hiring, including Firstround.com, USV.com, CrunchBoard.com, VentureLoop.com, Startuply.com, Quora, InterviewStreet.com, Hirelite.com and others. Once you've identified a company you would like to work for, the infographic offers tips, including the following:

  • Build a portfolio of your best work and link to your GitHub account.
  • Build something remarkable with their API.
  • Enter their hackathons or developer contests.
  • Highlight projects you took on independently.
  • Don't use a professional recruiter.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Jan 3rd 2012
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