Hackers Compromise PHP.net

by Developer.com Staff

The official website for the programming language has been serving up malicious code.

If you've visited PHP.net in the last couple of days, your system may have been compromised by malware. Hackers successfully attacked the site, which is the official homepage for the PHP programming language. They injected a malicious piece of JavaScript code, which redirected visitors to another site that attempted to install malware on their systems.

Google Safe Search began blacklisting the site on Thursday, and the site owners originally thought it was a mistake. "It appears Google has found a false positive and marked all of http://php.net as suspicious," tweeted PHP creator Rasmus Lerdorf.

Later, researchers from Barracuda Networks confirmed the hack, and the site owners are now investigating. They say that there is no evidence of PHP distribution files being compromised.

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This article was originally published on Friday Oct 25th 2013
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