Hack, ActionScript, Clojure Now Top-50 Programming Languages

by Developer.com Staff

Java is still number one.

The Tiobe Index of Programming Language Popularity has some new names in the top 50 this month. Facebook's Hack, an alternative to PHP, came in a 47th, breaking into the top 50 for the first time. "The big question is of course: can Hack replace PHP in the future? Deployability is still quite hard (e.g. because it is not available on hosted web servers by default), otherwise it could certainly become PHP's successor," said Tiobe. Also new to the list: ActionScript ranked 44th, and Clojure squeezed in at 49th.

While some of the most popular programming languages are losing share, the top of the list looked similar to previous months' rankings: Java (15.568 percent), C (6.966 percent), C++ (4.544 percent), C# (3.579 percent), Python (3.457), PHP (3.376), Visual Basic .Net (3.251), JavaScript (2.851), Delphi/Object Pascal (2.816), and Perl (2.413).

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This article was originally published on Monday Apr 17th 2017
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