Google to Discontinue Chrome Apps for Windows, Mac, Linux

by Developer.com Staff

The company plans to continue supporting Chrome OS.

Google has announced that it will phase out support for standalone Chrome apps on Windows, Mac and Linux over the next two years, although it plans to continue supporting the apps for its Chrome OS. Chrome apps are Web-based apps that launch from the Chrome browser but look and feel like regular apps. The company says that less than 1 percent of Windows, OS X or Linux Chrome users access Chrome apps. Google noted that it plans to continue enhance support for Chrome apps on Chromebooks.

Developers who had Chrome apps will need to convert them to regular Web apps if they want to continue supporting users on platforms other than Chrome OS. Google says the two-year window is intended to make it easier for Web developers to make the necessary modifications to their apps.

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This article was originally published on Monday Aug 22nd 2016
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