Google Programming Languages Lose Popularity

Tuesday Mar 13th 2012 by Developer.com Staff

Neither Go nor Dart are in the top 50.

Tiobe has published its Programming Community Index for March, and it's full of bad news for Google. Google's Go language has fallen out of the top 50, and its Dart language ranks just 78th. "[Google] tried very hard the last couple of years to get its own programming languages in the market," said Tiobe's Paul Jansen. "They did a lot of PR for it, but they failed for Go and it seems Dart is going to the same way, too. Google is known for its innovation and instant successes, so this is a bit of a disappointment."

Java continued its reign atop the popularity chart, followed by C, C#, C++ and Objective-C. JavaScript also had a very good month, moving from 10th place to 8th.

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