Google Play Is Sending App Users' Info to Devs

by Developer.com Staff

An Australian developer says Google provides him the name, suburb and email address for everyone who buys his app.

Australian Android developer Dan Nolan is calling on Google to fix some of its privacy practices. According to Nolan, Google Play provides personal details about app users to its developers—those details include app users' names, email addresses and physical location.

"This is a massive oversight by Google. Under no circumstances should I be able to get the information of the people who are buying my apps unless they opt into it and it's made crystal clear to them that I'm getting this information," Nolan blogged. "This is a massive, massive privacy issue Google. Fix it. Immediately."

It's unclear whether free apps also provide this information to developers, but the personal data appears to be available to all paid app developers.

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This article was originally published on Thursday Feb 14th 2013
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