Google Launches 2 New DIY AI Kits

by Developer.com Staff

The new tools help makers and students learn about artificial intelligence.

Google has announced two new AIY Kits. Aimed at students and developers, these are do-it-yourself kits for learning about artificial intelligence (AI). “We’re taking the first of many steps to help educators integrate AIY into STEM lesson plans and help prepare students for the challenges of the future by launching a new version of our AIY kits,” blogged Billy Rutledge, director of AIY Projects at Google. “The Voice Kit lets you build a voice-controlled speaker, while the Vision Kit lets you build a camera that learns to recognize people and objects. The new kits make getting started a little easier with clearer instructions, a new app and all the parts in one box.”

The kits include a Raspberry Pi Zero WH, USB cables and an SD card with the software installed. The Vision kit also includes the Raspberry Pi Camera v2. The Voice Kit retails for $49.99, while the Vision Kit costs $89.99.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Apr 17th 2018
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