Google, IBM, Lyft Launch Istio Open Source Microservices Platform

Thursday May 25th 2017 by Developer.com Staff

The tool helps manage applications in containerized microservices environments.

Google, IBM and ride-sharing company Lyft are working together on a new open source tool for managing microservices architecture. Called Istio, the platform is currently an alpha release.

The project incorporates technology that Google has used internally to manage microservices. The three firms were all working separately on microservices efforts, but "it became clear to all of us that it would be extremely beneficial to combine our efforts," said Jason McGee, vice president and CTO of IBM Cloud Platform. Other companies, including Red Hat, Pivotal, Weaveworks and Tigera, have expressed interest in and support for the Istio project.

For now, Istio only works in Kubernetes-based environments, but the developers plan to support Mesos, Cloud Foundry and virtual machines in the future.

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