Google Engineers Discuss Android Fragmentation

by Developer.com Staff

Improvements may soon make it easier to run apps on the many different Android devices running different versions of the OS.

During a fireside chat at the I/O conference, Google engineers took questions on a topic of great concern to the mobile development industry—Android fragmentation. "This is something we think about a lot," said Google's Dave Burke. "And we're working internally to streamline the development process and make the software more layered."

The group said they are also working on making it easier to run Android on entry-level devices with less memory and slower processors. In addition, they are improving camera technology and trying to smooth "janky" images on the screen.

"Android is still a baby," Burke added. "There is so much more we can do. And there is also so much more that can be done at the hardware level too. There's lots more innovation that can come."

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This article was originally published on Friday May 17th 2013
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