Google Chrome OS Really is Open Source

by Keith Vance

Google can open source Chrome, because doing so can't hurt them, and may even help them, but open sourcing Android and Google TV is a bit different for the search engine giant.

The Register's Cade Metz considers Google's motivation behind open sourcing Chrome, while at the same time, the company keeps a tight grip on Android and Google TV source code.

"With Android and Google TV, Mountain View is compelled to control the platform outside the browser. That's the only way it can ensure that its online services win the day," Metz said. "But with Chrome OS, there is no platform beyond the browser. Chrome OS only runs apps on the Web, and on the Web, Google is already dominant."

The search engine giant is betting heavy on Web applications.

"The question is how many people," Metz wondered, "really want a machine that runs nothing but Web apps."

This article was originally published on Wednesday Nov 10th 2010
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