Google Buys Firebase Cloud Sync Service

by Developer.com Staff

Firebase makes it easier for mobile development firms to sync app data.

Google has acquired Firebase, a cloud computing service that makes it easier to synchronize data between mobile and Web apps. "Over the past three years, we've gone from a crazy idea that 'just might work' to a proven product used by 110,000 developers. Today, I couldn't be happier to announce that we've joined Google," Firebase co-founder and Chief Executive James Tamplin blogged.

"Mobile is one of the fastest-growing categories of app development, but it's also still too hard for most developers. With Firebase, developers are able to easily sync data across Web and mobile apps without having to manage connections or write complex sync logic. Firebase makes it easy to build applications that work offline and has full-featured libraries for all major Web and mobile platforms, including Android and iOS," Google added.

The Firebase staff will now be employed by Google.

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Oct 22nd 2014
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