Google App Engine Adds PHP Support

by Developer.com Staff

The cloud development platform also has a new Mobile Backend Starter for iOS.

Google has made two noteworthy announcements related to its App Engine cloud development platform. First, anyone can now use PHP on App Engine without first needing to get the application whitelisted, as was the previous case.

The company has upgraded App Engine's PHP capabilities significantly since it first began allowing select customers to use the popular Web language on its cloud platform. “It’s never been easier to develop, test and deploy your App Engine PHP application,” blogged Google's Andrew Jessup. “If you work in the cloud, you can create, test and deploy your project from your browser using DevTable or CodeEnvy cloud IDEs. If you prefer working from your desktop, you can now build, locally run and debug, and deploy Google App Engine PHP applications right from within JetBrain’s PHPStorm IDE.”

Second, Google App Engine has rolled out a new Mobile Backend Starter for iOS developers. It aims to speed the development of iOS apps.

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Oct 9th 2013
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