Goldman Sachs Stolen Code Contained Open Source Software

by Keith Vance

During testimony, one witness said that the code allegedly stolen by Sergey Aleynikov from Goldman Sachs contained a lot of open source software.

Federal prosecutors have alleged that Sergey Aleynikov stole confidential software from Goldman Sachs in his last days of employment at the investment bank. Testifying in a closed courtroom yesterday, one witness said the code had "lots of open source software" in it, reported the Wall Street Journal's Chad Bray.

The open source code was "all mixed together" with Goldman's proprietary code, New York University associate professor Benjamin Goldberg said.

Prosecutors have alleged that Aleynikov stole the Goldman Sachs code in order to build a similar system for his new employer, Teza Technologies LLC. Aleynikov has denied any wrongdoing, Bray reported.

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This article was originally published on Thursday Dec 9th 2010
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