Go Language Jumps in Popularity

by Developer.com Staff

The Google-backed language is on track to become Tiobe's Programming Language of the Year.

Tiobe has once again updated its monthly programming language popularity list, and this time, the big story is that Go has climbed up to 16th place. In September 2015, the language was down in 44th. "Google's Go language seems to be unrivaled, probably boosted by the immense popularity of Docker, the container application that is written in Go," Tiobe said.

Every year, Tiobe awards Programming Language of the Year honors to the language with the biggest popularity increase. So far, Go looks like the top contender, although Groovy, R, Objective-C and Swift are also candidates.

The top ten on the chart for October 2016 include Java (18.799 percent), C (9.835), C++ (5.797), C# (4.367), Python (3.775), JavaScript (2.751), PHP (2.741), Visual Basic .Net (2.66), Perl (2.495) and Objective-C (2.263).

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Oct 12th 2016
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